Past Fantage Fan Blog; February 26, 2014 ~ Present

Why, Hello There

So I was originally going to post this back in February, but that obviously didn’t happen so…

If you somehow came across this post, hello! I hope you’re doing well.

Not much has happened since my last update. I finished another school year and… yeah, nothing much happened. I’m still watching anime and playing Pokemon, but I’ve started watching streamers as well. I still have terrible nonexistent study habits and I’ve been eating a lot of rice πŸ™‚

There was a point where I was thinking a bit too much about everything, and I was not in the best place, but I’m slowly easing myself out of that. Talking to a few selected friends about my issue definitely helped lift a bit of the weight that was on my shoulders (though, I think I unintentionally made my friend think that same way, as they are going through the same thing as I am at the moment). I came the the conclusion that I would go wherever the wind takes me.

Also I’ve been looping Remember by Coldrain a lot someone please stop me

Take care!



Stopping By

Hey, I’ve been dead for almost a year, I wonder if anyone will read this. *squints*

I’ve been handling the situation well. I’ve been surviving, getting ready for school in the fall, and enjoying my last few weeks of freedom. I still find it difficult to believe that the last time I saw my friends in person was back in the middle of March, and here we are in July. I didn’t expect this year to turn out this way, but I suppose that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

All I’ve been doing since vacation started was watch One Piece, play Pokemon and complain about how hot is it. I honestly got bored of being home all day, and a part of me wishes the school year didn’t have to end so abruptly — heck, I might have more things to do and I would be better prepared for the fall. I’ve made some unfinished memories since my last post here, some that can’t be completed. I hope that I will one day be able to complete at least some of them, whether it be good or bad.

On a less sentimental note, I hope you’re all doing well during this time! This year has certainly been an interesting one, and it would be hard to wrap your thoughts around this in the future. It’s not something you think about constantly, but we can get through this!

Take care!



Hi There!

Not sure if anyone will read this, but here’s an update.

Another school year has ended, and another summer vacation is coming to a close.

I return to school in roughly ten days and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I didn’t do anything.

But honestly, doing nothing feels a lot better than drowning in schoolwork.

(I hope my schedule goes the way I want it to)

I needa get used to saying my new age haha…

But I hope you all have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


(Side note: y’all should stream Seventeen songs :)))) )



It’s been half a year!

How have you all been?

I recently finished another year of school, and I’m nearing the end of my time there. This summer is actually quite free – no classes, homework, or practice testing!!

I really do miss the old days of having something to do on the computer, but I’m trying to find alternative ways to spend my time.

I’m going to attend my first convention this year, and I’m super excited :))

I’m just glad that the school year is over; it wasn’t really fun because I had so much to do with such little time.

I hope y’all are doing great!


Merry Christmas!

H e y g u y s !

I finished finals about a week ago, and honestly, it stressed me out a LOT.

I don’t know if I maintained a good grade in some of my classes (rip)

I went on a family trip 4 days ago (which hasn’t happened in over a decade, I might add) and did some last minute shopping.

But it wasn’t for Christmas, it was for us (we don’t do presents).

We usually have a little family gathering, but we actually aren’t doing it this year, because only my sibling an I make the food for like 10 other people to eat 😑 Our cousins don’t even help out!

Anyways, hope you all have a nice Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Hi, here’s an update

Hey guys!

My birthday passed again and I realize that I start school in less than 10 days pls kill me , so I thought that I would leave an early will message before I go MIA for another few months.

I know I’ve been saying that I will revamp this blog for a while, especially now since Fantage doesn’t exist anymore. I want to throw out there that I have not given up on a makeover, and I will post an update if anything were to happen to me and/or this blog.

Even as I type this, I still have some prep homework and AP summer homework to finish, and I literally forgot everything I learned in my bridge class earlier this June. I have two tests on August 13, and I am not prepared at ALL. This is going to be my most stressful school year to date, and I really hope I don’t cry.

I’ll definitely be doing a LOT of reading this year, so does anyone have book recommendations? I’m actually in the mood to read something that isn’t fanfiction, but I don’t know what to read. I feel like I shunned everything after finishing Harry Potter a few years ago. The only other “series” I have read are Heroes of Olympus (which reminds me, I still need to finish the last book) and Hunger Games (if you call this a “series”). I would say that I’m into romance? Fiction, of course, and maybe a fantasy or school setting…

Just an FYI, I HAVE read The Fault in Our Stars, but I don’t really feel comfortable reading about those sensitive topics because it brings back sad memories…

I hope you guys send me some! Leave a comment down below πŸ™‚

Bye, Fantage

Welp, Fantage is officially gone. is now BLANK

You can still access the login page, but I personally haven’t been able to load past 30%.

I was never able to get 10% in the Trendsetters Rankings, but it was definitely a fun ride! I hope that y’all will remember me LOL

Honestly, I tried logging in a lot more than I used to, but I never load past 67%, and I was never able to load IDFones (I got tired of seeing Lotusrainxoxo hahaha). I guess that’s why I stopped playing. and kpop exists ahahah SEVENTEEN IS TOO PRECIOUS PROTECT THEM

Playing Fantage for 6 years held a lot of memories! I won’t forget meeting all those friends and fellow bloggers/viewers. It was definitely a big part of my childhood. I had fun running this blog even if I had no idea what I was doing.

It’s getting a little late for me, so I’ll keep this outro simple. Thanks for the past 6 years, Fantage!


The day has finally come; Fantage has announced that they’re closing.

I honestly knew that this day was coming soon, but it still makes me sad nonetheless. Fantage was such a big part of my life. I found joy playing it when I felt down or when I got back from a rough day at school. I remember spending countless hours just sitting in front of my computer, playing and eventually destroying people in fashion shows, playing through the events that were actually good…

Those were all good memories, and I somewhat remember spending time with all 175 friends on my friendlist. It makes me sad that all those hours of gameplay are going to be gone, like Club Penguin (haha ;-;)

I think that I’ll still keep this blog url though. I’m too lazy to come up with a new name and change it LOL

I think things will be interesting from here on out. I need to find a game like Fantage to rage and gush over lmao

Ok, life update: almost done with finals! Just 3 more days and I finished another year of school πŸ™‚ Things are going great though!


I finished my homework early today (at least, what’s due tomorrow) so I decided to log back in and rack my brain of all those Fantage blogs that I used to follow. The blog that I have vivid memories of is probably FantageVille.Β 

I decided to visit the site again, and saw Princess MooMoo’s Last Post before she quit blogging, and I realized that it’s been just over 3 years since it was posted.

It’s been three years already? Honestly, it feels like it hasn’t been that long. I remember stumbling across her blog in late 2013, and I followed it all the way until its end. It’s crazy to think that countless others have left after her, and all of them were people who loved blogging just as much as she did.

She inspired me to blog, too. I thought it was cool how she made posts about Fantage events not to gain attention, but to help others simply because that was what she wanted to do.

I was a lonely kid who didn’t have much friends in real life, so I isolated myself, stayed in my room and played Fantage all day and did movie tryouts.

I figured out a considerable amount of things on my own during events, and I decided to post them because hey, maybe someone would look at them. Even thought only a handful of people liked the post, it gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I helped someone. I began to immerse myself more into the community and met lots of people who were like me, and I even began applying to other blogs, if not to talk about Fantage then to talk about other things in pop culture, or even life.

Then, an “epidemic” came over the community, and Fantage bloggers seemed to slowly disappear one after another. Some of them announced that they were leaving, but some simply just vanished.

Readers became emptier and emptier, which leads me to now.

The only blogs I see posts from (out of the 39 that I’m following) are this blog, Seasons Memories, Plants n Tea, and occasionally Fantage Spy.

Shout outs to @Moonshinezodiac, @Mangos, and @Cloud82 for still being decently active in this community, honestly. I enjoy hearing from you guys! I mean, hopefully you see this post LOL

On another note, Fantage has reached ten years! It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve been registered since March 1, 2012, and I still log on every few months. Honestly, I would probably log on every day if I had a better computer…

Just because I don’t really like what they’re doing right now, they still have my support. Fantage was such a big part of my life, even though I shed a few tears from it. I hope they’ll have a game-changing event soon πŸ™‚

In the meantime, I’ll drown myself in Nintendo, Voltage Inc., and arithmetic games :3 and studying ahahahaaaa

See you around!