Past Fantage Fan Blog; February 26, 2014 ~ Present

I finished my homework early today (at least, what’s due tomorrow) so I decided to log back in and rack my brain of all those Fantage blogs that I used to follow. The blog that I have vivid memories of is probably FantageVille. 

I decided to visit the site again, and saw Princess MooMoo’s Last Post before she quit blogging, and I realized that it’s been just over 3 years since it was posted.

It’s been three years already? Honestly, it feels like it hasn’t been that long. I remember stumbling across her blog in late 2013, and I followed it all the way until its end. It’s crazy to think that countless others have left after her, and all of them were people who loved blogging just as much as she did.

She inspired me to blog, too. I thought it was cool how she made posts about Fantage events not to gain attention, but to help others simply because that was what she wanted to do.

I was a lonely kid who didn’t have much friends in real life, so I isolated myself, stayed in my room and played Fantage all day and did movie tryouts.

I figured out a considerable amount of things on my own during events, and I decided to post them because hey, maybe someone would look at them. Even thought only a handful of people liked the post, it gave me a feeling of satisfaction that I helped someone. I began to immerse myself more into the community and met lots of people who were like me, and I even began applying to other blogs, if not to talk about Fantage then to talk about other things in pop culture, or even life.

Then, an “epidemic” came over the community, and Fantage bloggers seemed to slowly disappear one after another. Some of them announced that they were leaving, but some simply just vanished.

Readers became emptier and emptier, which leads me to now.

The only blogs I see posts from (out of the 39 that I’m following) are this blog, Seasons Memories, Plants n Tea, and occasionally Fantage Spy.

Shout outs to @Moonshinezodiac, @Mangos, and @Cloud82 for still being decently active in this community, honestly. I enjoy hearing from you guys! I mean, hopefully you see this post LOL

On another note, Fantage has reached ten years! It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve been registered since March 1, 2012, and I still log on every few months. Honestly, I would probably log on every day if I had a better computer…

Just because I don’t really like what they’re doing right now, they still have my support. Fantage was such a big part of my life, even though I shed a few tears from it. I hope they’ll have a game-changing event soon 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll drown myself in Nintendo, Voltage Inc., and arithmetic games :3 and studying ahahahaaaa

See you around!



Comments on: "My [Fantage] Blogging Journey" (5)

  1. three years since she left? ohh my god no way

  2. fantageville used to be my religion i was on here 24/7

  3. So after a totally random turn of events from browsing Reddit, I suddenly had the urge to check on my blog for the first time since I left, and noticed this! (Glad I was able to brute-force my old password after like five tries hahaha…)

    I can’t believe somebody still remembers my blog after all this time, but I’m actually not finding it difficult at all to recall the names of the people who made Fantage so great for me (including you jade!! hi!!) It makes me so happy that the bloggers are still around and the community is still friendly 🙂

    From your latest post, seems like you’re in high school! I hope you’ll continue blogging, it was a great stress-reliever for me back then and gave me much-needed boosts of confidence (I was very anti-social). I’m several years into college now, and thinking back, I feel grateful for the skills I picked up from blogging. Not everyone has the ability to story-tell in an engaging manner. I also found myself typing up “guides” during my work term to help future interns, which I realize now was Fantage blogger instinct 😮

    Good luck with school everyone!


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